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ROLL BAR (ROPS) KIT As Low as $624.99

ROLL BAR (ROPS) KIT As Low as $624.99
    Code: HROPS
    Our Price: $624.99

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    OSHA Certified, ready to install. Includes all brackets, seat belt, bolts, nuts, and all other hardware necessary for an install.

    NOTE: We ship these direct from the warehouse to save you shipping. These kits arrive to them from the manufacturer piled in a big crate with no packing. This explanation is all just to explain why there will be a few scratches. A quick touch-up with black spray paint will take care of them though.

    Installation: You will need to allow a full day to install this kit. Many customers have reported installing these kits in just 2 hours but please do not count on it always going that fast. We have installed most of these here and some can get a little frustrating. These are true bolt on kits. No cutting (some models do, however, require trimming the inner fender slightly- see instructions), drilling, or welding required. It just takes time and patience to align the holes and get it all to fit correctly. Don't tighten ANYTHING until the whole ROPS is bolted to the tractor. It can get very frustrating. The instructions are not great (see them below) and the pieces are heavy but be patient, read the instructions, have a helper, and go slow and you wont have problems.

    SELECT THE GROUP FOR YOUR MODEL (pricing starts at $624.99 but group pricing varies - note the additional charge after the group in the list above)

    SHIPPING: We can now give you an exact UPS shipping price directly from our website. Just add the ROPS to your basket, click checkout, enter your address & you will be given the shipping total. The average shipping cost is currently around $100 but may be more or less to some areas.

    GROUP 1 : Fits YM1100 1300 1401 155 165
    WEIGHT : 84LBS

    GROUP 2 : Fits YM 1510, YM186
    WEIGHT : 130LBS

    GROUP 3: Fits YM 1500
    WEIGHT : 95LBS

    GROUP 4: Fits YM1600, 1900, 1700, 2000, 2210, 2210B, YM240, YM195
    WEIGHT : 71LBS

    GROUP 5: Fits YM1601, 1610, 1702, 1720, 1810, 1802, 1820, 2002, YMG1800, YMG2000
    WEIGHT : 110LBS

    GROUP 6: Fits YM2001, 2010, 2020, 2202, 2220, 2301, 2310, 2402, 2420
    WEIGHT : 96LBS

    GROUP 7: Fits YM2200, 2700, 2500, 2610, 2620, 2820, 3000, 3110, 3220, 3810, 4220, 330, 336
    WEIGHT : 153LBS

    GROUP 8:Fits FX20, F20, FX22, F22, F24, FX24, F235 FX235, F255, FX255, FX215, F215
    WEIGHT : 140LBS

    GROUP 9: Fits FX26, FX28, FX32, FX42, F37, FX46, FX285, FX305, FX335, FX435
    WEIGHT : 145LBS

    GROUP 10 : Fits F18, FX18
    WEIGHT : 139LBS

    Please email us if you have questions.

    Note- Due to the size, packaging requirements, and many intricate parts that must be accounted for in this kit - all non defective returns will be charged a 20% restocking fee. This fee is to cover shipping expenses, repackaging, & restocking. Absolutely No exceptions. Please note that if you return the ROPS because you are unable to get it to fit you will have to pay to have it shipped back. We can not afford to eat the shipping charges on these because you are not able to install the kit.