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Yanmar Clutch Replacement

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One of the most common maintenance issues you will run into on any tractor is a clutch replacement. Just like in your car, clutches in a Yanmar tractor do not last forever. If you do not want to tackle this job yourself, any local mechanic can do the job for you.

The job itself is really straight forward. You will split the tractor at the bell-housing. This is the bell shaped housing immediately behind the engine. you will need to remove all hoses, linkages, wires, etc that are connecting the engine to the rest of the tractor before you start. The tractor will actually need to be in 2 separate pieces when you are done.

You will need a jack under the front and rear end of the split. Determine what end will be the heaviest and put your jack under that end. One end will need to be able to roll away from the other so a cherry picker or even a rolling floor jack is a must.

Remove the bolts at the bell housing after the tractor is fully supported. If your jack is at the wrong end, the tractor halves will flop over! BAD NEWS! Be careful.

Once the bolts are out- the tractor should slide apart fairly easy. You might need to remove the drive shaft on 4wd tractor to allow the tractor to split.

Roll the 2 halves apart. The pressure plate is held on by the bolts surrounding it. Remove these and the plate will fall off. Remove the disc as well (if it did not fall off with the plate). The throw out bearing will usually slide off of the carrier with a little persuasion from a hammer or press.

Check the pilot bushing and replace if necessary.

Check the clutch input shaft for damaged or sharp splines. Replace shaft if splines are wore or damaged.

ALWAYS REPLACE THE THROW OUT BEARING WHEN YOU REPLACE THE YANMAR CLUTCH DISC!!!! You don't want to have to do this again in a few months!

Re-install the throw out bearing onto the carrier just like it came off. You may need to use a vice or press to get it back on.

Put a small amount of grease on the pilot bushing to make it easier to get together.

Line Up Tool- Your clutch shaft will #21 will be used as your line up tool. It slides out of a coupler that is located outside of the main transmission housing so you will not have to mess with lining up gears, etc to put it back. Just pull out the shaft (may be stuck slightly), use it to line up the clutch, & re-spline it into the coupler when you are done.

Slide the disc over the lineup tool (shaft #21) and slide the tool into the pilot bushing. The splined area of the clutch disc sticks out further on one side of the disc than the other. The side that sticks out further goes to the back of the tractor. The flatter side goes to the flywheel. Slide the pressure plate over the tool and hold the tool exactly parallel with the frame of the tractor. Tighten down the pressure plate bolts. This will hold the clutch into position. Remove the tool and slide the 2 halves of the tractor together again. It will take a little bit of fiddling and slowly turning the clutch shaft to get the shaft perfectly lined up in the splines and the pilot bushing. When it is all lined up, it will glide in as smooth as glass. NEVER TRY TO FORCE THE HAVES TOGETHER BY DRAWING THE BELL HOUSING BOLTS IN!!! You may think that it will never go together but it will