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Yanmar Tractor Troubleshooting Tips

These are tips that we have come across over the years and found in various service manuals. Some of the solutions to problems may seem obvious but it is often the obvious solutions that are overlooked. These are just general ideas and may not apply to every model. We will continue to add to this thist periodically. Hope this list is helpful.

Problem Possible cause* Suggested remedy*
1 - Will not start

1 - Throttle not far enough forward

2 - Decompression device out of adjustment

3 - Fuel filter or tank clogged

1 - Adjust throttle position

2 - Adjust linkage

3 - Remove filter and clean. With filter off, turn on valve to ensure full fuel flow. If no fuel or very little fuel comes out clean out tank and supply hose

2 - Will not crank over

1 - Battery problems

2 - Poor connection

3 - Switch problems

1 - Check battery charge and capacity. (Try leaving headlights on and cranking the engine, if lights go dim or don't come on at all the battery is likely dead or bad)

2 - Clean connections at battery and especially where the ground cable attaches to the frame.

3 - Use a volt meter to check if there is a little wire going into the starter solenoid that gets +12V when you turn the key to crank. If so- starter not working properly. If not- electrical problem between switch and starter.

3 - Low power

1 - Engine not at full rpm

2 - Fuel filter or tank clogged

3 - Air filter dirty

4 - Decompression system not releasing

5 - Fuel system getting air.

6 - Excessive engine wear or malfunction.

1 - Check tach to ensure rpm around 2500 at full throttle. If not check and adjust cable or linkage.

2 - Refer to problem 1 for instructions

3 - Clean filter

4 - Check to ensure decompression system is releasing completely.

5 - Check hoses up to injector pump for cracking or possible holes.

6 - Check compression and injector pump/injectors

4 - Three point wont operate properly

1 - Hydraulic screen or filter clogged

2 - Low hydraulic fluid level

3 - Loader not attached properly

4 - Linkage not functioning properly

1 - Clean hydraulic screen (or filter if equipped)

2 - Check and fill

3 - Does your tractor have a loader on it or hookups for a loader? Some tractors require the hoses to be hooked up to the loader or hooked to each other if not using loader in order to operate the three point system.

4 - Check to see that the three point linkage is function properly

5 - Clutch won't release .

1 - Linkage out of adjustment

2 - Clutch has rusted to flywheel.

3 - Pressure plate or clutch damaged

1 - Check linkage to ensure that clutch is completely releasing.

2 - Carefully drive tractor up to a solid item such as a telephone pole or large tree. In low/low gear, with the clutch in, let tractor push against tree. The clutch will usually free up.

3 - Split tractor and look to see if clutch, pressure plate, or flywheel are damaged.

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