Yanmar Operation Manual YM140,YM147

Yanmar Operation Manual YM140,YM147

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Product Description


You are looking at an Operation(Owner"s) Manual.(includes 2wd & 4wd "D" versions)

Good for
Basic Maintenance, Fluid Capacities, etc
Written In English!
What the different levers do
Basic troubleshooting, wiring diagram, ets

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Good source of information such as oil change procedures, oil types, capacities, basic wiring diagrams, etc. You really need one of these to be sure you are operating your tractor correctly and that you are not doing something that will cost you a fortune to fix. Shows what all of those controls and buttons are for. Does not contain any of the information that is found in the other 2 manuals. None of these manuals overlap content! It will not have part numbers nor torques, for example.

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