7-14 R1 Lug Tire

7-14 R1 Lug Tire

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Product Description

7-14 Lug tire(6ply)



What to expect from a tire with this rating-

Tread Wear:
These tires will not wear quite as long as the original Bridgestone tires. You can, however, expect to get many years and several hundred hours of normal use out them.

Weather Cracking:
These tires will weather crack fairly soon- especially if left in the sun. You may notice tiny cracks develop as soon as a few months. These cracks are purely cosmetic and will not cause flat tires or other problems. These cracks are NOT covered under warranty.

Life Expectancy:
You can expect to get several years of use out of this tire under normal circumstances.

Alternatives To This Tire:
Unfortunately, there are no other brands available in this size. This is the only brand tire available in this size.