Compression Fitting - For Hydraulic Line

Compression Fitting - For Hydraulic Line

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Use this fitting to add a loader to your tractor. Attaches to the factory 12mm steel line. 3/8NPT male thread at the other end for easy hookup to just about anything.



Shop Notes: I know what you are thinking.... 'It can't be this easy and these are going to leak and cause problems'. This is actually a very reliable and easy way to tap into your pressure line. These fittings are industrial fittings designed specifically for this application. The fittings are rated for 3,600psi (your hydraulic system is only about 2,200psi) and will make a simple and leak proof seal. We have installed hundreds of these over the years and I can not think of a single instance where they have ever failed or leaked. Many installs are going on 20 years old.