Hydraulic Return - Dipstick Adapter

Hydraulic Return - Dipstick Adapter

Code: HHA-33



Product Description

Hydraulic Return - Dipstick Adapter

You guessed it.... Another HOYE exclusive! This handy little adapter allows you to return hydraulic oil back to your transmission case. It has a 3/8" NPT female thread in the side so you can attach any fitting style that you want. Perfect for adding a loader, power steering, log splitter, or any kind of hydraulic valve where you need a return to the hydraulic reservoir. INCLUDES ORING. Will fit models that have a dipstick with a roughly 1.3" thread (most Yanmars).

Shop Notes: Be sure to use a thread sealant like teflon paste(I like the paste better than tape so you dont have to worry about pieces of the tape getting into your hydraulic system) on the 3/8 NPT threads or the fitting could \'gall\' the aluminum and be stuck forever.