HYDRAULIC HOSE ADAPTER KIT (replace your steel line)

HYDRAULIC HOSE ADAPTER KIT (replace your steel line)

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Product Description


This kit will allow you to replace your steel high pressure hydraulic line with a standard hydraulic hose with standard -6 JIC female fittings on each end.Fits pretty much any 'YM' series Yanmar (*see notes below).

This kit includes:

  • Custom fitting that will bolt to your factory hydraulic pump in place of the steel line which has a -6 JIC fitting.
  • Custom fitting that will screw into your transmission/ three point hitch instead of the steel line which has a -6 JIC fitting.
  • 2x Copper sealing washers.
  • 1x Oring for pump adapter (not shown)
  • 4x bolts for pump adapter (not shown)

You will need to furnish:

  • Hydraulic hose(s) made to the length that you require with -6 JIC female fittings on each end. Most local NAPA auto parts stores will make hydraulic hose while you wait or any local hydraulic shop can also make them.

This kit is designed for:

  • Customers that have damaged their high pressure steel hydraulic line and want to replace it with a more affordable option.
  • Customers that are adding a custom hydraulic circuit (loader, log splitter, power steering, etc) and don't want to cut their factory steel line.
  • Customers that just like buying new stuff

* will not fit the YM165

WARNING!- Use a thread PASTE on the pipe threads of the 90 degree elbow. Do not use thread TAPE (it can get into your hydraulic system and cause problems). No sealant is needed on the JIC fittings (with cone shaped ends).