Hydraulic Pump Relief Valve (DIY)

Hydraulic Pump Relief Valve (DIY)



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This is a DIY relief valve / pop-off valve for your hydraulic system. It will protect your pump from damage should there be a restriction or "dead head" in the system. This is NOT a "plug and play" part. You will need to add a tee as reasonably close to your pump as possible and add this part(see illustration).

It has 1/4" NPT threads on one end and a 3/4" hose barb on the other end. You can attach a rubber hose to the end of the relief valve and rout it to a safe location.

A good way to use this part is with our ADAPTER.

Relief valve is fully adjustable. You will use an allen wrench to adjust the valve until it no longer leaks during normal operation. Then, should there ever be a "dead head" the valve will pop open and relieve the pressure - preventing damage to your pump.

The relief valve must be set before using. To set the relief valve: Use an allen wrench to turn the valve (inside of the brass fitting) clockwise just until until no oil is leaking during normal use. Clockwise = higher pressure. Counter-clockwise = lower pressure.