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Product Description


If you have ever tried to remove an injector from a Yanmar engine you understand the need for a tool like this. Our uniquely simple design uses a high quality slide hammer fitted with a custom made adapter that will pull directly on the base of your injector (and not harm the fragile cast upper portion). Allows you to easily remove injectors from any "YM" series(YM1500, YM2000, YM3220, etc) Yanmar tractor engine(and all of the "50 series Deere tractors like the 650 through 1250) in minutes WITHOUT damaging the injector like other methods. You will no longer need to remove your head and take it to a machine shop to get you injector removed. Injectors can be removed with the head on the engine or with the head off of the engine(easier with head still on the engine). Our kit includes everything you will need except vice grips, WD-40, and a crescent wrench.

A Hoye Exclusive Puller Tool!


Shop Notes: Before we developed this simple tool we would try to pry on the injector body to get it out(just like most of you have tried). This would frequently break the injector since the body is just cast. Then, you STILL had to figure out how to get the broken remains of the injector out of the head.

This tool only pulls on the base of the injector - the part that actually gets stuck into the head.... not the body of the injector.

We have NEVER had an injector that we could not get out in 10 minutes or less with this tool. No matter how stuck it was.