LIGHT SWITCH - Generic Replacement

LIGHT SWITCH - Generic Replacement

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Product Description

The exact original light switch has been discontinued. We did find this nice little switch that will bolt right into the same hole in the dash. It looks nice, and works very well.
The downside is that it does not have a high/low position which, if you have ever really used your tractor at night, you will agree that 'low' is VERY low and almost useless. With this switch you will wire either just the high, just the low, or both the high and low circuit to turn on when you pull the knob.   

You will also need to cut the old harness off your old light switch and attach it to this switch or use our plug HERE


194420-52120 / 194440-52120

Shop Notes: This is not a Plug-And-Play part. You will need to do a little wiring.