Code: HLV-101



Product Description

This is the recommended loader valve for pretty much any Yanmar. The flow is correct. The ports are the right size. It mounts easily. It has the correct open center design, relief valve settings, and float position. If you are adding a loader, building a loader, or replacing the valve on your loader... this is the valve you need.

Open Center Spools :Two
Flow 10 GPM
Pressure 3000 PSI
Relief Valve Adjustable from 800-3000 PSI
set at 2000

In/Out Ports SAE #8 Oring
Work Ports SAE #8 Oring
Size 5-1/2" x 2-3/8" x 17-7/8"

Fitting from valve to JIC #6 (to loader lift & curl hoses)
Fitting from valve to JIC #8 (inlet & outlet fittings)

Spool Details:
Spool 1 Double acting with regenerative position(allows for faster bucket dumping)
Spool 2 Double acting with detented float position.

Shop Notes:

This loader valve can be converted to the \'power beyond\' style if you would like. We sell an adapter that will allow you to use the third hose (actually 7 total hoses)  and an adapter that will help you plumb it to your tractor. Power beyond is not typically needed on a Yanmar but if you are replacing a valve that already has it you might want to install the adapter so everything hooks up the same way. A typical installation is like the link below and does NOT use power beyond.

WARNING!- This valve is designed to be mounted with the loader hoses coming out of the left side and inlet at the bottom as pictured (with relief valve at the bottom). The bucket dump and boom float functions will not work correctly if mounted the wrong way (the boom will fall too quickly because of the bucket dump re-gen feature and the boom will not have the correct "float" feature);.