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Power Steering Kit - NEW!

Great Installation Writeup & Reviews:

(shown in the picture with a loader but will also work without a loader)
This power steering kit has been in the works for a loooong time.
Uses a flow control valve so you can set how fast the steering should respond. Includes all necessary fittings, hoses, bolts, brackets, and cylinder. **Built to order so please check out the shipping time located under the price **.

EXAMPLE Instructions Here (your model may vary)

PLEASE NOTE: This item is custom made for your tractor and can not be returned. Once the fabrication is started there are no refunds or cancellations.

Shop Notes: We offer the kit in three options-
1)- You plan to install with a Koyker brand loader and you will get all of the brackets ready to make the kit fit with your loader.
2)- You tell us that you do not have a loader and you will get all of the brackets to bolt to your bare tractor frame. If you have a non-Koyker loader then you will be required to modify/fabricate the brackets to make it work with your loader but we will not be able to offer support for this.
3)- You can get the generic kit which will have zero brackets or tie rod pieces ( just a cylinder, valve, and hoses).

We do this because walking a customer step by step through modifying a bracket to fit XYZ brand loaders is simply too difficult to do over the phone.

This kit will not fit the 2wd & 4wd versions of the YM1401, 1500, 1300, 1301, 1510, 1100, 135, 155, 186, 169, 165, 147, 1502, and 2wd versions of the 1700, 195, 2000, and 240 because the distance between the steering box and front axle is not enough to fit the cylinder without modifications. I

This kit is custom built to order and there will be NO REFUNDS given once production of the kit starts.


WARNING!- The instructions in the kit are very basic. We didn"t write them. They will do the job but don"t expect every detail of the installation to be covered. There is a very good writeup & review HERE. It is well worth the time to read through it to see what you are getting.