Code: HPSC-178



Product Description

This is a DIY power steering cylinder assembly. You will have to supply all of the hoses and fittings, make the bracket, and make this work yourself. This is the cylinder assembly used in the COMPLETE KIT. It has the valve built into the cylinder.
So how does it work? You cut your existing drag rod (goes from your steering box to the front axle) and attach it to the valve as shown in the diagram. As you turn the steering wheel the drag rod pushes on the valve and extends or retracts the cylinder. As the cylinder moves it changes the location of the valve and either stops the cylinder's movement or moves the cylinder more. It really works nice.

Things You Might Want:
Fitting For Inlet And Outlet Of Cylinder
- HA-33 Adapter as shown in diagram.
- CF-12M Fittings as shown in the diagram

Things You Will Need To Provide:
- Hose (a local hydraulic supply shop can make them while you wait)
- Diverter valve (also called priority valve or adjustable flow valve). This will determine how much oil goes to the steering cylinder and allow you to regulate the speed of the steering. Norther Tool sells them as does ebay and surplus center.

Links to installs and interesting plumbing ideas

Shop Notes: You must have a relief valve in the system to prevent pump damage. A relief valve is typically built into the diverter valve. The steering cylinder/valve does not have an integrated relief valve.