Rear Axle/Wheel Spacer Kit (Both Sides + Hardware)

Rear Axle/Wheel Spacer Kit (Both Sides + Hardware)

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Product Description

8" Rear Axle Spacer Set (4" Per Side)

2 Four Inch Axle Spacers
12 Metric Lug Bolts
12 Metric Lock Washers

Fits: Most Yanmar Tractors from about 16hp to about 26HP. Just measure straight across two of your rear axle bolts. If the center-to-center dimension is around 140mm (5.5inches) (the other sizes are MUCH different so if it is close to 140mm/5.5" then you are good) it will work.

A HOYE Exclusive!

This is a VERY nice wheel spacer set. These are very well built and very heavy duty!

You requested them. We made it happen! We started from the ground up and designed a wheel spacer exactly the way that we wanted. This is a hub-centric design meaning the weight of the tractor is not only supported by the bolts but also the center hub of the wheel- just like the factory axle. This was a more expensive option but makes for a very solid spacer.

The flanges are HUGE. Each flange is nearly 3/4" thick which is incredibly strong. Each spacer weighs 18lbs.

We spent a long time figuring out the best possible width for these spacers. Too wide and the tractor loses it ability to fit in tight spaces, get around easily, and adds excessive stress to the axle. Too narrow and you lose any benefit of having a spacer. The best bang for the buck came in right a 8". At 8 inches wider, the tractor feels like a whole new machine. Much more stability than the factory setup and yet is still easily maneuverable.


Shop Notes: Latest Product Reviews:

- Just bolt the spacer to the rear axle (using the included bolts)- just like you would bolt on a wheel.
- Torque those bolts using a 24mm (15/16" will also work) shallow socket and 3/8" extension (the extension fits through the outer bolt holes - 1/2" extension will not fit).
- Bolt the wheel onto the spacer using your old lug bolts.
- Torque your wheel bolts normally and re-check all bolts after a few hours of use.
- Be happy!

Dust Cover Kit
The optional dust cover kit includes two steel dust covers to help keep dirt, dust, and rain, from getting into the inside of the wheel spacer. These dust covers bolt on using the wheel's lug bolts. CLICK HERE For more info on the dust covers.

WARNING!- Always use a ROPS and always wear your seatbelt.