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NEW! GEAR REDUCTION STARTER. Correct 15 tooth count!! 2.0KW

We have had VERY good results from this powerful gear drive starter. We were, admittedly, skeptical when we first started testing them but they have done VERY well and they are roughly 1/2 the cost of the original starters! We have actually had less problems (as a percentage) in the last two years with this starter than we have with the more expensive starters and those expensive starters have VERY few problems.

So what is the deal with this starter and why is it so much cheaper? In reality it is just newer starter technology and is cheaper to produce. It is designed, like most things now, to be used and thrown away when it breaks. Extra money is not spent on making the starter rebuildable like the big old original starters. It is not made to be rebuilt over and over and last a near lifetime like your original starter .

Quick Facts:
1)- It is a direct replacement for your old starter. It will bolt right up & use the same wires.
2)- It does not have, need, or use a solenoid.
3)- It is a newer technology starter
4)- The output of this(smaller) starter is actually MORE than your big old starter.
5)- Life expectancy is likely somewhat less than the big old starters LIKE THIS ONE
6)- Made in China

Instead of a separate starter solenoid and the added complexity that goes along with it- these starters are gear drive. They use physically smaller motors but are gear driven and actually have more torque output than the original solenoid starters of the past.

There are a lot of these starters out there. Most have the wrong tooth count and will destroy your flywheel (our starters are all correct). We actually started testing these about 8 years ago but we struggled to find a brand with consistent quality and durability so we did not list them for sale. We have now found a good solid brand and are very pleased with the results.

Are these as durable as the original starters? In my opinion- No. They are a product of a throw-away mentality. Smaller motors spinning faster vs a big slow chugging motor. Keep in mind your original starter is likely over 30 years old! I doubt you will get 30 years out of these but you might (these tractors are typically not started several times a day, every day) and you possibly wont have the tractor in 30 years either so it could be someone else"s problem. :)

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