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Product Description

Custom Matched Yanmar Red Spray Paint (Matches all of the 'YM' and 'F' series Yanmars - not the New Yanmars)

Short Version:

  • This is very good paint
  • Standard 12oz Spray Paint Can Size
  • Dries to the touch in around 5 minutes- not hours like the cheap stuff!
  • Excellent coverage- each can will cover more area.
  • Custom blended to exactly match 'Yanmar Red'.
  • This is a Hoye exclusive paint!

Longer Version:

We have been working with one of the top paint producers in the USA for the last year to get this all together. We just were not completely happy with the previous paint that we were getting from another distributor so we decided to get a better paint made ourselves. The result is a paint that meets all of the requirements for great tractor paint. It dries quickly, dries very hard, has better UV resistance, better resistance to oils and fuel spills, and covers better than the previous paint.

So how many cans will you need? We get that question a lot and it really depends on how good of a paint job you want. Ideally- you would sand down your old paint and then use a good primer on the metal. This will take more coats of red paint since you are not starting with a red base (you are starting with a gray primer). You will, ideally, want to apply several coats (3-5 coats) to get a good thick durable red coverage. That will typically take around 4-5 cans for a full tractor if starting from a gray primer. If, however, you are just painting over your faded red paint (after scuffing it up with a scotchbrite pad or 400 grit sandpaper) you might only need 2-3 cans to paint a whole tractor- giving it just 1 or 2 lighter coats.  

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Shop Notes:

WARNING!- Cancer and Reproductive Harm – www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.