Turf Kit - Read Description! - Free Shipping*

Turf Kit - Read Description! - Free Shipping*

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Product Description


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A Hoye Tractor Parts Exclusive!

- Wider, Lower*, & More Stable Stance
- Better Traction In Most Situations
- Better Flotation
- Turf & Lawn Friendly
- Up To 4 Times The Load Capacity
- Great For 2wd And 4wd Models

Turf Report
Turf Tires

Wider, Lower*, & More Stable Stance
This turf tire kit will drastically increases the stability of the tractor. Yanmar tractors are known for being narrow and tall which, unfortunately, makes them feel very tipsy. Our kit lowers* the tractor slightly and increases the width to help stabilize the tractor in rough or uneven terrain.

Better Traction In Most Situations
The tread is a mix of turf & industrial that gets very good grip. Believe it or not, these tires actually have better grip than the lug tires in most conditions! Unless you have around 2" to 3" of soft or muddy soil you will get better grip with these tires due to the increased surface area. If you think about it, on the lug tires or the "rice" style tires you are only touching the tips of a few lugs on normal ground. Even in muddy or very soft conditions these turf / industrial tread style tires do very well because of the width & deep tread. These Tires Offer Much Better Traction In The Snow!

Better Flotation
If you have very soft or sandy soils you will appreciate the wide footprint of these tires. The tires will help the tractor stay on top of soft soils and not get stuck or tear up the ground.

Turf Friendly
These tires are very friendly to grass and lawns. The wider footprint also means that the tractor"s weight is distributed over a larger area and will not compact the ground as bad as the narrow factory tires. Less ruts, less damage, less compaction.

Up To 4 Times The Load Capacity
The tires have as much as 4 TIMES the load capacity of the factory tires! If you have a loader and keep blowing out tires- this kit is for you.

Great For 2wd And 4wd Models
This kit works great for both 2wd and 4wd tractors. The wider front tires help 2wd tractors from getting bogged down in sand or mud and maintains steering in soft soils.

* This kit will lower all tractors EXCEPT the YM1300(D) 1301(D) 1401(D) 135(D) 155(D) 165(D), 186(D), 1502(D), 1510(D). These 9 tractors will actually be about 1" taller than factory to maintain the correct 4wd ratios.


How the kit is sold...

Due to popular demand we have broken this kit up into two options. You can now order JUST the wheels if you would rather add your own tires or buy the kit with four tires already mounted on wheels with valve stems & tubes (if required).

Option#1 - Basic Wheel Kit Includes:
- Rear Wheels- Two 16" diameter x 8.5" wide. (also sold separatelyhere )
- Front Wheels- Two 12" diameter x 7" wide. (also sold separatelyhere )
All wheels are correctly backspaced to give you the widest possible stance.

Option#2 Adds The Tire Package Including:
- Rear Tires- Two 8 ply! 13" wide (appx).
- Front Tires- Two 11" wide (appx).
- Valve Stems Installed
- Tubes Installed If Required
- Mounting- Tires will come to your door mounted, inflated, and ready to install.

*NOTE- Shipping must be to a business (commercial) address WITH A DOCK OR FORKLIFT. Ship it to your work, your friend's work. We can arrange shipping to your home but trucking companies charge as much as $295 more for that service! PLEASE NOTE- If you say that your shipping address is a commercial address but it ends up being a residential address or a commercial address without a dock or forklift- the freight companies WILL charge for residential delivery and we WILL pass along that cost to you. Please be sure your address is a COMMERCIAL address. Home business do NOT count as commercial. If your business is surrounded by houses or behind a house it will NOT count and you WILL get charged. This is NOT OUR policy - it is the trucking companys' policy and we will not argue with you about it. If you don't like the policy then take it up with them or just drive here and pick up the kit.

Recover Your Money!
Your old tires & wheels are worth LOT OF MONEY! Sell them on craigslist or ebay to greatly offset the cost of this kit! Customers have sold their used wheels & tires for as much as $750!


".. Just a quick note about the turf tire kit. When I initially purchased the kit, I almost didn't because of the cost. I looked online for an alternative but all I could find were lots of folks cutting and hacking wheels to fit. Being an aircraft mechanic, using the correct parts and the proper fit of parts, are extremely important to me on anything. Now that they're installed, I can't believe how big of a difference it makes in every way. The kit is definitely worth every penny!"

".. This [turf tire] kit was money well spent. I should have done this years ago. The tractor is so much more stable now!"

".. The pictures on your website do not do this kit justice. They look so much better in person and on the tractor."

".. These wheels look amazing. The tractor also feels so much safer now. I highly recommend this kit."

".. I got the wheels mounted this weekend, and couldn't be happier with them. They really transformed the old Yanmar! It has a much better feel when driving it, turns easier, feels much more stable, and just plain looks good!!!

Continental USA only. Excludes AK, PR, HI and some remote areas of the USA.

WARNING-Tire prices are skyrocketing due to the new tire tax. Buy now to avoid the coming price increases!


WARNING!- If you are putting this kit on a YM1300D, YM1301D, YM1401D, YM169D, or YM186D there is currently a $45 surcharge that will be added to the listed price of the complete tire & wheel kit. This is due to a recent increase in our cost for the different tire size that is required on that kit.

All other kits will still be shipped at the price listed.