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Fluid & Oil Types Article rated 4.7/5.0
Engine oil - The ideal weight of engine oil depends on the climate where you live. In colder areas (northern states) a 10W30 is typically preferred (it is a little thinner in the cold and will allow e...
Battery size Article rated 4.9/5.0
Q- What size battery do I need to get? A- We get this question a lot. The absolute best way to get a replacement battery is to just take in your old battery and match it up. Most places require yo...
Tiller Tine Bolt Size Article rated 5.0/5.0
Q- How do I determine my tiller bolt size? 10MM = .39 INCHES 12MM = .47 INCHES One easy way to check th...
Zen- Noh Yanmar? Article rated 4.1/5.0
We have a new full article about Zen-Noh in the link below       zennoh zen-noh  
How Hot Should My Tractor Run? Article rated 5.0/5.0
Your tractor should run at 150 to 180 degrees. The light normally comes on at 220 degrees F. overheating over heating
Head gaskets Require Sealant? Article rated 4.5/5.0
Yanmar head gaskets do not require any sealant. NEVER use silicone on a head gasket. You MAY use a coppercoat if you want but it is not required. Be sure both the head and the top of the block are com...
What Should My Compression In PSI Be? Article rated 5.0/5.0
Around 550 TO 640psi is typically what they would have left the factory with. A tractor will become hard to start at around 400. you can test it with this -->
Ran Out Of Fuel And Won't Start Article rated 4.3/5.0
We have a good article about that here-->
How Do I Test My Alternator Article rated 4.6/5.0
Order Status Article rated 4.0/5.0
Did you know that you can check the status of your order at
Damaged Shipment Article rated 5.0/5.0
If you receive a damaged shipment please let your UPS driver know it was damaged and call us (940)592-0181 or use our support ticket system at We will take it from there. ...
Injection Pump Won't Pump Fuel Article rated 4.6/5.0
My Injection Pump Won't Pump Fuel ***** NOTE This article assumes that you have a good supply of fuel going INTO your pump. If not read ****** It is very common fo...
Three Point Hitch Problems Article rated 4.0/5.0
Having problems with your three point hitch. read here -- 3pt hitch
Steering Shaft Fix Article rated 2.8/5.0
Have trouble with your steering shaft or steering gear box. read the article below --
Yanmar Tractor Overheating Article rated 4.3/5.0
Is your tractor running hot or overheating? Readthe article below
4wd Knuckle Seal Replacement Article rated 5.0/5.0
read here
Clutch Peddle Is Stuck Article rated 4.2/5.0
If your clutch won't disengage you should read the artcle below --
What size mower or box blade should I use Article rated 4.0/5.0
Read the article below --
My Brake Is Stuck Article rated 4.3/5.0
Read the article below if you are replacing brake shoes or your brakes are stuck or your peddle is sticking.
how do I replace my clutch? Article rated 4.3/5.0
Find instructions for replacing clutch pressure plate and release bearing here --
Winter storage tips Article rated 5.0/5.0
read here --
how do I shut off the battery water level light? Article rated 5.0/5.0
read this --
How do I install a front loader Article rated 5.0/5.0
read here -- also helps with remote hydraulics
How do I install the three point hitch kit? Article rated 5.0/5.0
read this --> 3pt hitch
How do I add a log splitter or remote hydraulics? Article rated 4.2/5.0
read this --
How much is my tractor worth? Article rated 5.0/5.0
Buying or selling? Read this --
What is a "live pto" Article rated 5.0/5.0
read this --
What is a powershift transmission? Article rated 5.0/5.0
read this --
What size tractor should I get? Article rated 4.0/5.0
read this -- for horsepower recommendations.
A list of tractor horsepower, weight, and dimensions Article rated 3.5/5.0
click here --
Who makes Yanmar? Article rated 4.2/5.0
read this
What is a gray market or black market Yanmar? Article rated 5.0/5.0
Read about grey market tractors here --
How does diesel compare to gasoline? Article rated 5.0/5.0
read here --
What do I need to look for BEFORE I buy a Yanmar? Article rated 5.0/5.0
read this -- & get this --
What is a CAT1 or Category 1 three point hitch? Article rated 5.0/5.0
read this --
How do I change my oil filter? Article rated 4.0/5.0
read this --
How do I change my fuel filter Article rated 5.0/5.0
read -- and
Wher can I find my tractor serial number? Article rated 4.1/5.0
most models do not require a serial number when ordering parts. You can find your number here --
Can you email me a price quote on a part? Article rated 4.2/5.0
Sure! Did you know you can also look most common parts up on our website here- Some models even have the ENTIRE parts manual online ...
Solid state regulator to replace mechanical one Article rated 4.7/5.0
If replacing the obsolete mechanical regulator with a new solid state regulator on a YM1600, YM1900, YM2200, YM2700, or YM177 ** Looking at top of original regulator you will see terminals Left to R...
Normal Operating Temperature Article rated 3.9/5.0
Your tractor should run at 150 to 180 degrees. The light normally comes on at 220 degrees F. also read --
Yanmar Hammer Sound Normal? Article rated 4.7/5.0
The Yanmar diesel engines, especially the 2 cylinder models are fairly rough running engines. They have even inherited the nickname "Yammer Hammer" because of the distinct knocking sound the engine ma...
Testing Injection Pump and Injectors Article rated 4.7/5.0
There is an easy do-it-yourself way to test your injectors & pump. 1- remove the injector from your engine. 2- hook the steel fuel line back up the the injector with the injector facing a...
My Alternator (Dynamo) Has 2 Wires- Which One Goes Where? Article rated 4.0/5.0
It does not matter which way you hook it up. It is AC voltage - like your house. There is no set + or -.
What does my bolt torque to? Article rated 2.8/5.0
We get a lot of "what does xxxx torque to?" questions. A lot of the fasteners do not list specific torques in the service manual. Here is a basic bolt (not stud) torque recommendation chart from Yanma...
Ring Location - EP-4160 / RS-300 Article rated 5.0/5.0
THE PISTON RINGS WILL GET INSTALLED EXACTLY IN THE ORDER THEY ARE PACKAGED WHICH WILL BE AS FOLLOWED:In the set there are two black rings that are identical, a silver ring, and a silver grooved oil ri...
Engine Oil Pressure Article rated 4.1/5.0
At about 2200 rpm a normal Yanmar engine will have around 35-60 psi of oil pressure when at normal operating temperature. At idle the pressure will typically drop to around 17-20psi. The low oil press...
Tiller Tine Direction Article rated 4.1/5.0
There is an almost endless number of ways to arrange the tines on your tiller. You can set it up to make the final product flat, with rows, coarse, fine, or any combination of the above. The most comm...
Clutch Disc Direction Article rated 3.4/5.0
Shop Notes: The splined area of the clutch disc sticks out further on one side of the disc than the other. The side that sticks out further goes to the back of the tractor. The flatter side goes to th...
My Powershift Wont Go Into X Gear Article rated 4.3/5.0
There are really 2 common things that can cause this - 1- EASY Be sure that the linkages are not just wore or our of adjustment- especially if it wont go into the first or last gear on the selec...
How much air should I put in my tires ? Article rated 3.2/5.0
See the attached chart for recommended pressures for some common tire sizes. [psi, inflation, inflate, p.s.i]
VR-522 CONTINUITY CHECK Article rated 3.1/5.0
The service manual describes a test for the VR-522 regulator. In it there is a chart to test continuity between terminals. It needs to be tested using an ohm meter set at 20K or higher. it will not te...
Marks On Connecting Rod - Direction Article rated 5.0/5.0
The markings on the connecting rod & rod caps (if there are any) should both be on the same side and be closest to the camshaft side.  
Markings On Piston Rings Article rated 5.0/5.0
If the piston rings have a marking on them - the marking will always go up. Not all rings have a marking.
Why does my steering box keep breaking? Article rated 3.9/5.0
The steering boxes on the Yanmar tractors are designed to last 30+ years without any problems. If you keep having problems with your gearbox then you have something else wrong. 1)- Do you have a loade...
AL-1235 Rewire For 1600, 1900, 2200, 2700 Article rated 4.1/5.0
If you are replacing the alternator on your YM1600, 1900, 2200, or 2700 you will need to hook up the wires according to the attached diagram. The exact "old" style alternator is no longer available. Y...
Adding Multiple Hydraulic Accessories Article rated 4.4/5.0
If you want to add a loader AND a backhoe, or remote hydraulics, or a log splitter you would hook it up like this. It does not matter which valve goes first as long as they are both open center valves...
Are Yanmar Parts Tax Exempt? Article rated 4.0/5.0
Compact tractor parts are not automatically tax exempt. If you use your Yanmar for farm work then you can fax us in a farm use exempt form and we will credit back the sales tax. You can find the form...
Why is my engine smoking? Article rated 4.8/5.0
SMOKE COLOR ..There are usually 3 common types of smoke emitted from a diesel engine .. black, blue and white.Basically, smoke from a diesel engine indicates that something is not right. Smoke should ...
"Banjo" or Screw In Style Injection Pump Article rated 4.2/5.0
See image below to see the difference.
Connecting Rod Orientation Article rated 4.5/5.0
The connecting rods always go in the engine with the stamp facing the camshaft. Also be sure that the marking on the cap is on the same side as the marking on the rod.
WPC-1700 INSTRUCTIONS Article rated 3.7/5.0
WATER PUMP CONVERSION YM1700 INSTRUCTIONS (HPWC-1700)   see attachment below
International Shipping Cost Article rated 3.7/5.0
  For current international shipping prices please click  http://www.hoyetrac
Tractor Stalls or Dies Article rated 3.4/5.0
read our new article in the link below --
My Hydraulic Pump Cracked or Broke! Article rated 4.5/5.0
My Hydraulic Pump Cracked, Blew Out The Front Seal, Or The Shaft Broke Off! There are really only 2 things that cause this to happen:1)- The pump was "dead headed". This is very common. Probably 99+% ...
Test Injectors Article rated 4.7/5.0
There is an easy do-it-yourself way to test your injectors & pump. 1- remove the injector from your engine. 2- hook the steel fuel line back up the the injector with the injector facing away from...
Turf Kit Wheels Rub Article rated 5.0/5.0
If your turf wheels rub on the steering arm bolts please read the attached notice. ttk-1500 ttk-2000
Hydraulic pump CC to GPM Article rated 4.1/5.0
Hyd Pump GPM ** Please note that the gearing that drives the pump can have a lot of impact on the output (IE- the pump is not usually turning at a 1:1 ratio of the engine). This is only a general guid...
Oil leaking from crancase vent tube Article rated 4.7/5.0
Q- My tractor is leaking some oil from the crankcase Vent tube.Is that a big problem or is it easy to solve?A- It is normal to leak a little oil out of that tube- even on a new engine. That is just th...
How To Test Fuel Injectors Article rated 4.8/5.0
There is an easy do-it-yourself way to test your injectors & pump. 1- remove the injector from your engine. 2- hook the steel fuel line back up the the injector with the injector facing away from...
OFFSET LIFT ARMS Article rated 4.0/5.0
Q)- What is the off set on the HLA-2775 (LA-2775) and what is the distance between the holes? A)- Please see attached picture
Head Gasket Orientation Article rated 4.1/5.0
Q- Can the head gasket be installed upside down. A- Most models have a head gasket that is not symmetrical. There is almost always a hole or two on one side that is not on the other. Line those extra...
RS-1700 Piston Ring Location Article rated 5.0/5.0
OUR PISTON RINGS WILL GO AS FOLLOWS: The easiest way is to just watch how they come out of the package. They will go in the order they are packaged. In the set there is a square c...
Starter Solenoid Wiring Article rated 4.3/5.0
Please see attached image. NOTE THE POSITION OF THE LITTLE WIRE STRIP! It must connect to the terminal going to the starter. That is how you tell which wire goes where. You can not just say 'my batte...
PLEASE TELL US **WHICH ** DIPSTICK YOU NEED!! Article rated 3.5/5.0
If you are asking us for a replacement dipstick please tell us what dipstick you need- engine, trans, or 4wd. We get tons of emails that just need "a dipstick".
AS-3110 Article rated 3.9/5.0
  as-3110 has-3110 
Trim PTO Shaft To Fit Mower Article rated 5.0/5.0
Click link below to watch video--     DS-34 PTO-540 OR-660   cut, too long.
Please Include the shipping address, name on the order, and order number if possible!!! Article rated 5.0/5.0
If you are asking about the status of your order or want to get your order number please include the shipping address, name on the order, and any previous order numbers if possible!!!  If you jus...
Steering Ball Nut Explained Article rated 5.0/5.0
This is by far the most common type of steering box for pitman arm systems. In a recirculating ball steering box, the worm drive has many more turns on it with a finer pitch. A box or nut is clamped o...
Blown Head Gasket Article rated 4.6/5.0
How to test for a blown head gasket- We have made a new blown head gasket article. Check it out in the link below!
Wheel Measure Article rated 3.5/5.0
      Please fill out the attached sheet
The Fuel Filters I Received Are Too Long!!! Article rated 4.6/5.0
We get this a LOT. The filters that we sent are correct for your tractor. You simply have the wrong bowl on the tractor. It really makes our job frustrating. Q)- Why don't my filters fit? A)- Becaus...
New Injection Pump Will Not Pump Fuel Article rated 4.3/5.0
If your new injection pump will not pump fuel it might be because the pump is air-locked. To fix this just unscrew (1 turn... not all the way out) the fittings highlighted in the attached picture. Cra...
Rear Axle Seal Replacement Instructions Article rated 5.0/5.0
Please check out our new instructions in the link below          
Brake Stub Axle Seal Replacement Instructions Article rated 4.2/5.0
Please Check Out Our New Instruction In The Link Below     brake drum seal 
2700 2200 PTO Shifter Speeds Article rated 3.9/5.0
Sitting on the seat there is a PTO shifter lever to the left of you and also a lever beside the main gearshift.  Lever to the leftForward is LowBackwards is High Lever beside the shifterForward...
Which Way Do My Pistons Go Article rated 5.0/5.0
As long as your pistons do not have the recessed cutouts in them for the valves, the orientation does not matter (as long as you don't install them upside down :) .  You can not install them the ...
Fuel Injection Pump Not Pumping Article rated 4.6/5.0
An Important Note About These Pumps This style pump is a very simple and durable pump. The original pump in your tractor WILL run tens of thousands of hours... unless YOU ruin it with bad fuel. The fa...
What Do The Switches On My UFO Controller Do? Article rated 5.0/5.0
Below is a diagram explaining what all of the switches do on your UFO controller. Of course, you need the special tiller attachment to use anything but the manual mode.       
Why does my tractor pop out of gear? Article rated 5.0/5.0
It could be that the tractor has been shifted without coming to a complete stop (Yanmars are not synchronized) and the gears are just wore down & beveled. That grinding you hear is the s...
Popping Out Of Gear Article rated 5.0/5.0
  You can find the most common causes in the link below
Piston Markings & Connecting Rod Markings Article rated 5.0/5.0
Markings On Connecting Rods - Marks On Connecting Rod Face The Cam Shaft Markings On The Piston - - If Using A New Piston - it does not matter. Put any way you want. Most don't even have ma...
Loader Valve REGEN Feature Explained Article rated 5.0/5.0
Regen is a "feature" of most modern 
RS-520 Ring Orientation Article rated 5.0/5.0
Adding A backhoe Article rated 5.0/5.0
We have added a new article about installing a backhoe on your tractor. Click the link below    
Testing A Starter Article rated 5.0/5.0
We have a new article about testing a starter. Click the link below to view it
Replacing Head Gasket Article rated 5.0/5.0
We have added a new article about replacing your head gasket below
AS-6064 REPAIR SLEEVE WILL NOT FIT! Article rated 4.0/5.0
Shop Notes: 
My Yanmar YM1500 Three Point Hitch Does Not Get Wide Enough To Hook Up My ... Article rated 5.0/5.0
Hi Noel, That is a common problem with those tractors. You have a category 1 but with a narrower width than standard. You have a couple options: - you can adapt the system to use a normal sway chain...
What Is Under My Injector? Article rated 5.0/5.0
  See image below
Brake Shoes Will Not Fit In Drum Article rated 5.0/5.0
These brake shoes were manufactured with the expectation that your brake drum will have 40 years worth of wear and possible even been turned down at some point to smooth things back up. Because of thi...
Power Steering Leaking Article rated 5.0/5.0
If your power steering is leaking check out the excellent write-up in the link below http:
Testing AL-1235 Alternator Article rated 4.2/5.0
To test the AL-1235 alternator:  Stop engine Disconnect connectors from "N" and "F" terminals. Using a volt meter set in the DC voltage position- attach the (+) lead to the A terminal and the (-) lead...
Starter Test 101 Article rated 5.0/5.0
  ======================================================================================== #### DON'T RUN OVER YOURSELF! ##### Consult your operation manual for safe starting procedures. Observe all s...

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