Fluid & Oil Types

Engine oil - The ideal weight of engine oil depends on the climate where you live. In colder areas (northern states) a 10W30 is typically preferred (it is a little thinner in the cold and will allow easier starting in the winter). In warmer areas (southern states) a 15W40 is usually preferred (it holds up better in the summer heat). Just look on the jug of oil and compare the recommended temperatures to the average temperature where you live. Either of the above weights will work fine in most areas of the USA. Just be sure the oil is rated for a Diesel engine. Shell Rotella is a good oil but any brand of diesel engine oil will work. 

Transmission/Hydraulic reservoir - sold under many names like -JD303*, J10A, J14A, J20A,B,C,D, J27A or a host of other brands and numbers.

*An important note about '303' oil:
The 'JD303' oil was developed by John Deere in the 1960's. Deere discontinued it in 1974. The testing standards for that oil are no longer available so the claim 'meets 303 standards' is not able to be confirmed or tested. Some oil manufacturers may be substituting an under-performing oil in its place. 

Interesting Article With More Info HERE


UPDATE- There are a couple of very well respected Yanmar dealers that have been using Dextron ATF (Automatic transmission Fluid) for decades on thousands of Yanmar tractors without any problems. We have personally seen many tractors imported direct from Japan that also appear to be using ATF (the oil is red and smells like ATF).  Though it has never been suggested in any Yanmar publication that we have found (they all say JD303 oil) - it should work fine (or possibly better). Use at your own risk though.

Ft Axle (4wd) 90wt or 80/90 or any similar gear oil. 

Coolant: Antifreeze type does not matter but, if not draining & flushing the radiator first, you need to be sure the antifreeze you are adding is compatible with the antifreeze you already have in the radiator. Or get one of the 'universal' antifreezes. 

Grease Zerks - any good general purpose or 'chassis' grease

Fuel- Any blend of diesel that you can buy from a gas station.

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