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The Fuel Filters I Received Are Too Long!!!


We get this a LOT. The filters that we sent are correct for your tractor. You simply have the wrong bowl on the tractor. It really makes our job frustrating.

Q)- Why don't my filters fit?

A)- Because there is a big importer of these tractors that is putting shorter bowls from the two cylinder tractors on ALL of the tractors they import.


Q)- Why?

A)- Because that way they only have to get one bowl & filter made and it saves them a lot of money.


Q)- Do I need the longer filter & bowl on my tractor or can I just use the shorter bowl & filter from the smaller tractors?

A)- It is our opinion that the Japanese engineer had a reason for putting the longer filters on the bigger tractors. They didn't just do it to complicate things. You already have the correct filters from us. It is going to cost money to send back the filters and get the shorter ones that are going to be wrong for the tractor anyway. Just order the correct long bowl and put the right parts back on your tractor. 




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