Fuel Injection Pump Not Pumping

An Important Note About These Pumps

This style pump is a very simple and durable pump. The original pump in your tractor WILL run tens of thousands of hours... unless YOU ruin it with bad fuel.

The fact that you are looking for a new pump (assuming that you don't have over 10,000 hours on your tractor) means that you have a problem with your fuel. You have  moisture, trash, dirt, or some other contaminant in your fuel. That same fuel problem will also ruin the new pump. Moisture in the fuel will cause flash rust and damage the polished surface of the internal plungers. Dust or dirt will score the cylinders causing them to not pump or cause them to leak. It does not take much dirt or moisture to ruin one of these pumps. Pumps ruined by fuel contamination are NOT covered under warranty.

So what do you need to do? If you had a pump fail you need to start fresh. Drain and flush out your fuel tank with FRESH fuel from a clean container. Flush out your hoses and lines. Replace your fuel filter. You need to have fresh clean fuel up to the injection pump. If you leave your fuel hose open while you wait on the new pump to get to you then you have dirt in the hose. You MUST get that dirt out of there before hooking up to you new pump.

We recently sent 3 pumps that were sent back to us for warranty claims to a diesel injection shop to get checked out. They were all carefully disassembled and examined. All 3 were damaged by trash in the fuel. Two were completely clogged up with debris and one was badly scored and was leaking.


All of our pumps are fully tested and tuned before they are shipped. 


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